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Ultra-Ma for body

The effective and safe supersonic body massager

Ultra-Ma for body is ……?

Ultra-Ma is the health equipment for massage your body with supersonic wave as 30 kHz.

This supersonic wave radiated as same as natural wave of dolphin’s which will be soft and good to set up your autonomic nave and support your health.

Ultra-Ma has sound system built in with 3 pieces of classic music by Mozart.

The Ultra-Ma for body achieves 10 times as massage efficient as one for head.*
 *Do not use for head.

How to use Ultra-Ma for head?

(1)Wear the band on the abdomen and adjust the size by attached Velcro.
(2)Please choose the intensity from 3 different level.

Other details

Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Timer 10/20 min.(per 1 round)
Frequency 30kHz
Size 37(H)×45(W)×17(D)cm
Weight 3.7kg
Belt color Black
Price JPY1.600.000+Tax*/Piece
*Foreign resident does not have to pay consumption tax.

The instructions for use carefully

1)If you have a high blood pressure (more than 180), make sure to start with low level
2)Please make sure to take off the aural aid when you use Ultra-Ma
3)Please set up the massage level refer to following age,
 Around 50 years old ; Level Low
 Around 60 years old ; Level Middle
 Around 70 years old ; Level High

Do not use in the following situations or cases

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