MERLIN MACH is high speed swimwear for racing swimmers,

    officially approved by FINA 2016.

The fabric of MERLIN MACH has dual hydrophilic effect.
Both sides of fabric, the surface and reverse side, are hydrophilic which minimizes water friction and skin friction drag.
The sleek surface is treated through a special process that lowers friction resistance coefficient to an astounding 0.021 cdf, compared to 1.35 cdf coefficient of other swimwear unveiled for BEIJING Olympics.

The newly-developed fiber

MERLIN MACH made of thick density stretch knitted fabric, offer the best muscle compression which enhances swimmers’ ability and concentration to swim.

The hydrophilicity of MERLIN MACH offers swimmers buoyancy in water

The swimwear enhance body position for maximum efficiency and drag reduction.
The new technology of fabric allows swimwear to contour body into a powerfully efficient hydrodynamic form.

Co-developed by the world top makers of swimwear

MERLIN MACH swimwear was co-developed by the world top makers of swimwear.
Yamamoto Corporation developed and supplied the high-tech fabric and MERLIN Co.LTD., designed the swimwear.
BP-TECH is an official distributor of Yamamoto Corporation.


・FINA approved swimwear : FINA mark on left waist

Mens / Boys *cm
Size Jr. Jr.+ SS S M L XL
Waist 53-59 54-62 67-73 71-77 75-81 79-85 83-89
Ladies / Girls
Size Jr. Jr.+ SS S M L XL
Bust 61-67 65-72 75-79 78-82 81-85 84-88 87-91
Waist 53-59 54-62 67-73 71-77 75-81 79-85 83-89
Hip 66-74 70-78 82-86 86-90 90-94 94-98 98-102
Height 125-135 135-145 147-153 152-158 157-163 162-168 167-173

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