Changes swimming training to maximize energy efficiency and swimming speed

ZERO POSITON The ZERO POSITION swimwear is designed for sports players, athlete oriented swimming and people who would like to swim faster. Training with wearing the ZERO POSITION over normal swimwear improves body balance to maximize energy efficiency and swimming speed.

Body balance with normal swimwear / Body balance with ZERO POSITION

Co-developed by a swimming specialist and the world top maker of Swimwear

The ZERO POSITION swimwear has been co-developed by Prof. Koji Wakayoshi at Biwako Seikei Sports University who is well-known as a swimming specialist, and Yamamoto Corporation which is the world renown top maker of high function wetsuits. The ZERO POSITION swimwear is also made by Yamamoto with their high technological skills. BP-TECH is an official distributor of Yamamoto Corporation.

ZERO POSITION Masters:Enables novice swimmers to use it as a learning tool

ZERO POSITON Masters Learning to breathe properly while swimming is one of the most difficult challenges of learning how to swim. The ZERO POSITION swimwear enables novice swimmers to maintain their "zero position" as they develop their breathing skills, thereby promoting more balanced swimming.

ZERO POSITION Professional: Enable athlete swimmers to maximize speed

ZERO POSITON Professional The ZERO POSITION Professional is a training swimwear for athlete swimmers to maximize their performance. It is designed according to athletes'body balance and swimming skills. It tightly fits to body line of swimmers by using 3-D sewing.

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