BIORUBBER emits health enhancing far-infrared and bio waves

BIORUBBER BIORUBBER is made of the ideal Hi-Tech composite materials originally refined from the stones and rocks that can activate the human body cells and amplify the function of its energy.

Developed by the world top maker of wetsuit materials

BIORUBBER material and its products have been developed and produced with up-to date technology of Yamamoto Corporation which is the world renown top maker of the wetsuit materials. BP-TECH is an official distributor of Yamamoto Corporation.

Various innovative product applications support to enhance health

BIORUBBER's health-enhancing effects are used in various innovative product applications. With proven positive effects on the body's cells, muscles and joints, Bio Rubber is currently used in wetsuits, clothing, medical aid products, sports braces, etc.

BIORUBBER products

BIORUBBER products are displayed at BP-TECH's Show Room in Yokohama. You can see, touch, feel and try to wear those products. Some of them are available for rent at free of charge.

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BIORUBBER products

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