BP-TECH is a company which supports peoples to have healthy life and improve Quality of Life through our various products.  Our company Logo as turtle means the traditional symbol of longevity in Japan. The numbers on the shell show celsius 36.5, which is known in Japan as the best body temperature for human body.


BP-TECH provides various products to support your health care and improve your health. We offer suitable selections for you to manage your health from the following products and the others.


BIORUBBER is the ideal hi-tech composite material for health and care. Bio Rubber helps to enhance the physiological activating function of the human body cells and recover of strength. There are many types of BIORUBBER products to support your health and daily life.   Read more >>


The "zero position" of human body for swimmers is the right proper balance of body position to hold the minimum pressure against opposition in the water. The ZERO POSITON swimwear reduces the discrepancy between swimmer's natural center of gravity and his/her zero position. The swimwear allows the swimmer to maximize energy efficiency and swimming speed.   Read more >>